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Board of Directors

The Club is managed by a Board of Directors, composed of elected ordinary members, sporting, fitness and non playing, all

volunteers. They hold monthly management meetings. Minutes of some recent meetings below.

Board Members

May 2018 Minutes April 2018 Minutes March 2018 Minutes June 2018 Minutes July 2018 Minutes August 2018 Minutes October 2018 Minutes CLUB CONSTITUTION September 2018 Minutes November 2018 Minutes February 2019 Minutes

Sports Club AGM, Thurs 2 May 2019

Notice of 97th AGM January 2019 Minutes Minutes of 2018 AGM HHSWMT Report HSL Report Finance Report HHSWMT Financials March 2019 Minutes June 2019 Minutes

Gordon Taylor - Chair /  Finance Director / Ground Convener / liaison with Cafe Source too and Hillhead High School.

Chris MacDonald - Secretary / General Correspondence / Minutes / Licencing and Governance

Richard Bond - Memberships / liaison with Community Sport Hub / Annual User Group Review

Hunter Kirkpatrick - House Convener

Gary Kitchener - Ground and Buildings

Ramzan Mohammed - Ground and Buildings

If you have a query on any area of responsibility please email enquiries@hillheadsportsclub.com.

May 2019 Minutes