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Providing opportunities for all levels to participate in various sports within Glasgow and surrounding areas since 1924

Board of Directors

Christine MacDonald - Secretary


Occupation – Retired Teacher


Member since - 1973, still playing hockey even if it’s no longer on Hughenden


Favourite Hughenden Memory – Great memories of playing at Hughenden, even on the main rugby pitch when we had a ‘centenary’ match for two players who had reached a significant birthday; the vodka oranges at half time made the second half a bit of a blur.  Or the hen night streak round the main pitch. Lots of memories of fund raisers, from the old Fetes and Club Barbecues, through the Big Vern concert, to the Friday night discos, where my main claim to fame was that I refused entry to Jorg Albertz – well, we had reached the numbers, hadn’t we? Then there was selling burgers at all sorts of rugby events, including when the other hockey person on the burger stall asked me all too audibly ‘who was that?’ when we had just been introduced to Graeme Mourie and Bernie Fraser!

Richard Bond (“Bondy”) – Board Member


Occupation – Independent Financial Adviser


Member since - 1994


Favourite Hughenden Memory – Discovering Bernie's hair dye kit (chestnut brown) in the cellar at Hughenden

Gordon Taylor (“Tailsey”) – Vice Chairman and Grounds Convenor


Occupation – Teacher (almost retired?) and slightly camp tractor driver


Member since - 1940's


Favourite Hughenden Memory – The day the restaurant opened!

Keith Fowler – Chairman


Occupation – Project and Marketing Consultant


Member since 1995


Favourite Hughenden Memory – the night before my wedding in 2007 we had a friendly for the Hippo's v Hamilton 4's (which we won) with most of the wedding guests in the club enjoying the refreshments. For the last ten minutes of the game my dad (70+), nephew (10), best man and other family members came on and played on the big pitch. The night descended into drunken carnage with an un-named bar man keeping the club open way into the night for us. (To cap it off my best man and I stumbled back to our hotel to find a buffet set out for a breakfast meeting the next morning. Heaven!)


Gary Kitchener ("Kitch") – Board Member


Occupation – Builder


Member since - 1984


Favourite Hughenden Memory – When I came to Glasgow in the 80's I visited all the clubs looking to join their rugby section. One said "your not a past pupil", another said "who are you" and finally the other said "this is not your dressing room". I rang Hughenden and spoke to the then rugby president Malcolm Douglas. His reply was "bring yer boots and we will sort you out". When I tripped over the infamous bar step he greeted me with "fancy a pint". One Lager later, swiftly followed by my first training in two years, a casual descrete vomit in the bushes, and I was hooked on Hughenden. The bad news, I was playing for the 2nd XV on the following Saturday at Stirling County. We were murdered 75-0 but I really enjoyed the 'banter' after the game.

During my twenty odd years of rugby at Hills, I have always tried to keep that welcoming spirit alive. Long may it continue in the New Hughenden. Lots of teams but only one club.

The Club is managed  by a voluntary Board of Directors, made up from elected ordinary members of the club with representation across all sections, sporting and social. They meet monthly to manage the operations of the club. Minutes of latest Board Meetings are available below for information. These minutes are a full and accurate record of discussions, actions and decisions taken, but detail of a commercially sensitive nature has been removed.

Below are details of the current members who form the Board of Directors.

Hunter Kirkpatrick

Hunter Kirkpatrick – House Convenor


Occupation – Quantity Surveyor


Member since - 1990


Favourite Hughenden Memory – Many, perhaps the first memory being invited for a game of tennis in 1990, then being roped into a game of rugby for the 2A’s the following Saturday. Still being roped into games for the 2A’s 22 years later. Other good times include being called from my pint (second) at the bar to play in a President’s 7 when a team (can’t remember who) didn’t turn up. We went on to beat East Kilbride, surprisingly, then got a total thrashing from GHK – the old main pitch wasn’t designed for front row forwards to play against the GHK whippets.

Board Members

Andy Scott

Andy Scott – Membership Secretary and President of the Rugby Section


Occupation – Power Systems Engineer


Member since - 19 oatcake


Favourite Hughenden Memory – Making use of the same piece of grass for every training excercise. "I love that bit of grass" he said recently.

Notice of 95th AGM

EGM and AGM, Mon 22nd May

The 95th AGM of the Hillhead High School War Memorial Trust (trading as Hillhead Sports Club) will be held on Monday 22nd May in the Clubhouse (Bobby Low Room) starting at 1930. The notice of this meeting is available below along with all other documentation for the meeting.


Prior to this we are holding an EGM to consider alterations to our Articles of Association to adopt recommendations from Sports Governing Bodies around Governance and Equality. This will commence at 1900 on the same evening. Notice below also.

Barbara Southern – Chair of Treasury Committee


Occupation – Chartered Accountant


Member since - 2005


Favourite Hughenden Memory – Too much wine to remember!

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