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Gym and Fitness Suite Inductions

Within the gym and fitness suite at Hillhead Sports Club, we are committed to giving you a great fitness experience and to looking after your health, safety and enjoyment. To achieve this we require that you complete an induction before your Membership Card will allow you to access our gym to begin using the facilities. During this you will be shown how to safely and correctly operate the equipment and will be asked to complete a Pre Activity Readyness Questionaire (PARQ) to ensure you are fit and well to commence activity. The induction is a legal requirement and must be completed by all gym users. Inductions happen on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday's of each Calendar Month at 1900.


To book on your induction, follow the simple steps below:


1. Download our Health Screen Questionnaire by clicking here

2. Fill in the form and bring it with you to your induction

3. Complete the online form below and select which induction day suits you best

4. Turn up at your chosen date and time. {We will also confirm your induction appointment by email}


For enquiries or questions about inductions please call our Gym Manager Kathleen Shahbaz on 07946 543948 .

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