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Providing opportunities for all levels to participate in various sports within Glasgow and surrounding areas since 1924

Personal Training is a great way to get fit, change shape and overcome trouble sports injuries.

At Hillhead, we have a team of hand picked, experienced personal trainers, with a proven track

record for success.  You have complete confidence in hiring the best personal trainers that

Glasgow has to offer.  They will assist you in reaching whatever health and fitness goals you

might have. Personal Training can help you to:


- Lose Weight

- Get a slimmer shape

- Improve your energy levels

- Train effectively

- Get stronger

- Increase muscle size

- Feel better and combat depression

- Improve your diet

- Feel more confident & alive


Personal training starts at a very reasonable £35 per session, with no minimum commitment. Our trainers also offer a free consultation if you’d like to have a friendly chat and ask any questions.


To book your free consultation, please email us at paulmcardle23@btinternet.com or call 07729 612932.


If you are unsure if a personal trainer can assist you with a particular issue rest assured our trainers can help you with any challenge including:


- Feeling unconfident about training

-  Back pain

- Sports Injuries

- Food issues

- Stress and Anxiety

- Senior (Over 55) fitness training and wellbeing

- Post Natal Rehabilitation and fitness

- Illness and Depression


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